~ The Son ~

The Son

The Son –
No one like Him
has ever walked upon the earth.
The One –
That moved the heavenly host
to sing about His birth.
He lay within a manger placed
with tender loving care
Away from all the busy mob,
The shepherds viewed Him there.

The Son –
That moved the men of East
to travel through the night.
Begun their ardent journey
guided by His star so bright
Until it hung there in the sky
to show the men the place,
Until they brought their gifts for Him
And saw His lovely face.

The Son –
To this poor earth
in tenderness and love He came.
The One –
The Only One there is
and no one else the same.
‘Twas He
who touched the hearts of those
Who heard the things He said.
‘Twas He,
With just a spoken word
could raise to life the dead

The Son –
In tenderness and grace
and truth none can deny.
The One –
Declaring all God’s ways
went to a cross to die.
And in the place of sinners
bearing all our guilt and shame,
To win our wayward, wondering souls,
and bring us back again.

The Son –
Is heaven’s very best
the Father gave in love.
The One –
Whom God did raise again,
who lives in realms above.
‘Tis He who lives in endless life
because His work is done.
‘Tis He who is none other than
God’s Dear Beloved Son.


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