Every Child of God has a unique story to tell -
This is my Story

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My name is Amanda Le Bail and live with my husband Paul in the beautiful Island of Jersey, Channel Islands. We have been married for over thirty years, and have two grown up children.

Our Son who is married is a rather talented photographer in his spare time and has produced some rather stunning photos of our Island, (some of which are featured in our  Gallery.)

Our Daughter is married and lives with her husband and three little children in the UK. Unfortunately we don't get to see our little family as much as we would like but we are very thankful for modern technology that enables us to keep in touch with our loved ones overseas.
We are in fellowship with a group of Christians who gather together to the Name of the Lord Jesus at  Belmont Gospel Hall  in St Helier.

I am currently involved with  Postal Bible School  as a teacher and its administrator. Students of all age groups are involved in this activity.
Well now, every child of God has a story to tell I am sure.  Mine is a story that is told in two parts : 'BC' (Before Conversion,) and 'AD' (After Deliverance.)  It's a sort of love story and one of adventure at the same time.
My adventure began over thirty years ago when I became a Christian - that was the day when I understood that Jesus was ...

"... The Son of God who loved me,
    and gave Himself for me"
     Galatians 2: 20.

The thought of such great and wonderful love; the kind I did not deserve, melted my heart with sorrow and in tears of repentance. I confessed my helpless and sinful condition before Him claiming the forgiveness He offered freely, and that was the moment He came into my life and became the centre of it ever since.
I can confidently testify that the Lord Jesus is the sweetest and dearest most trusted friend you could ever have, and the life He gave was God's expression of love to you also.

aleb b