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pause for thought
Inspirational thoughts to encourage, comfort and cheer

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There's plenty to inspire you here in the form of articles, poetry, and daily devotional thoughts.

Heart to Heart - is the place where you will find articles written to inspire, encourgage and comfort.

Verse - Is a collection of poems written by yours truly and other lovely poems writen by other folks will possibly be of interest to you. Poetry is a wonderful way of expressing the inmost thoughts of the heart and the poems that you will find here have been penned by experience by people who know their God.

The Daily Light calendar was written over a hundred years ago by the Bagester family. When you read the carefully chosen portions of the Word of God you will be joining with multitudes of Christians worldwide the same meditations daily. Somehow the daily thoughts seem to be so relevant for that day in each one's personal life - but then again, this is the wonder and power of the Word of God.

s time permits - a corner for beautiful hymns will be added, including some of those old favourites which have stood the test of time.