~ He Must Needs Go ~

He Must Needs Go

When folks took shelter then because
In all it’s strength, the midday sun
Was beating down, perhaps she was ... the only one
Who trod the dusty streets to draw
Some water from the well’s sweet flow,
Another time of day she knew ... she could not go.


On Jacobs Well He sought to rest
And for this woman waited there.
So soon her need was there addressed ... and all laid bare.
For water she had thought to come,
Just always as she’d done before,
But something new had now begun ... which meant much more.

For her and hers, their lives to fill
He must needs go and pass that way.
Her thirst was never quenched until ... He came that day.
Her soul rejoiced to know and find
The peace she longed for in This One,
This Traveller with a purposed mind ... for her had come.


In earthly treasures, earthly ways
My heart I tried to satisfy,
But if I turned and walked away ... and passed Him by,
I know now I’d be thirsting still
For happiness and peace of mind,
Against all hope, against God’s will ... no rest to find.

And with my thirsty soul I sought
For Him who came that way for me.
To him my empty vessel brought ... expectantly.
And high above my thoughts at best
He gave to me of heaven’s store
With living waters richly blessed ... I thirst no more.


My Lord like then is just the same,
He does to everyone draw near.
He often gently calls your name ... but do you hear?
For earthly things you’re thirsting so,
Still many wells you’d like to try.
But perhaps one day He’ll must needs go ... and pass you by.


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